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100 Days of Code: Day 4 Write-up

I went back to Android Development today and the biggest challenge for me, hooking up the ListView with and Android adapter.  For the longest time I didn’t think I was going to get much done, with my connection speed and my struggles with the more complicated aspects of Android like ListAdapters.

The time served as a refresher for me on these things, for example that aListAdapter, a kind of bridge between the list view and the class that converts the view into data behind the scenes.


After having typed this all in I thought to myself… “Okay. Progress. I think I’ll leave it here for today”.

Today was another tricky time because I’ve been following on, from Treehouse trying to make this Golf Scorecard App. But I always knew this was going to be the toughest part because I just don’t have enough Android knowledge to attempt this part on my own. I was supposed to be attempting it myself before following the video but, I felt I couldn’t.

Part of that is my Dyspraxia, the other is just not having enough time in the day to practice and build up the self-confidence that I need. I thought, many times about just giving up and accepting I’m not cut out for this. But giving up is always the easy way out and I’m not giving up on my dream of making my own app. One way or the other, I’ll do it.

On the plus side, however, I’m really pleased that having followed on with the code, made my list adapter, I was able to get rid of an exception that caused the emulator to crash the app.

It took a little bit of research and carefully reading the exception runtime errors, and runtime errors generally scare me.

It went away after I assigned the list view its special id   and in the XML @+id/android:list

Now, I’m going to have to take some time to read through the code I just typed in and see if I can get some things to tick. But I can see a little bit more how practice can get you more familiar with Android Studio’s behaviours and make you more comfortable with the program.

So, while I’m still not at the stage where I’m writing my own code comfortably and unaided… all that means is I wouldn’t trust myself to write Android code for an employer but I can learn to get by making my own projects.

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