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Fun with WooCommerce update.

In a previous post, I shared about some work I was doing with WooCommerce and my attempts to make a WordPress theme compatible with the plugin, so we could sell products from it. More on that shortly but firstly an apology. I’m not always as proactive as I should be on my own social media platforms. I work on my own and sometimes work takes priority and my social media/work activity can at times appear dead.

It’s not. I am always here.  🙂

In fact this financial year has started off more profitably than any other since I started in business and I’ve been working hard adding more strings to my bow.

One of these things is using WordPress to create more dynamic websites and even learn to create websites that sell things.

I already got my hands dirty with that with an Open Cart solution for Lil’s Craft Shop. An “out of the box” but more than useful solution for quickly making websites that sell products.

It was a little different this time. This time I’m working on a project to sell products via a custom theme; a design inspired by my client’s specifications but created by myself.

I made it clear from the start of this project that I just don’t have the time or the capacity to do those sorts of jobs on the fly myself. That requires computer programming wizardry that I can only dream to possess.

But with WooCommerce these templates and mechanisms are bundled in by developers so once I know how to set it up. All I have to worry about is how to make it look nice on the front end.However over the past few weeks I’d hit a brick wall. Despite installing the plugin properly to WordPress and tinkered with the the numerous behind the scenes settings and sat for far too long looking at the code, the shopping cart features that WooCommerce provides did not show up. I asked around everywhere I could think of, Googled the same websites numerous times but could find nothing that fixed my problem.

I even emailed my client at Crook2Hook Crochet to to say to the effect of, “I’m sorry, I’ve done all I can. We’re going to have to try another way”.I was defeated.But I wasn’t satisfied with that. Every time I decided the job was above my skill set I couldn’t help but poke my nose back in.

Without going into too much technical detail about what was going wrong, nothing was working because I wasn’t telling WooCommerce to pull in the information it needed dynamically. I stuck so rigidly to tutorials not fit for my purpose I was leading myself down the wrong path.

However, once updated I cannot describe the relief I felt to finally have achieved my goal.

I didn’t think I could do it. I did it!