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JDGM Update

My website is mobile friendly, and always has been. I’ve tested my website on every device I have and on the best online tools I know so I was able to verify this as the case.

So when I was doing some work last week and I just happened to perform a mobile friendly test via Google, I was quite perturbed to say the least with the result telling me that my website wasn’t mobile friendly.

Having tested the website and knowing it was showing up as responsive on mobile devices I was amazed to discover I’d somehow missed putting the viewport meta tag on my pages.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

I’m Jonathan, sole proprietor at Jonnie Grieve Digital Media. Hello there. I feel the need to reintroduce myself again because it often feels like I’ve gone off the radar a little bit. But honestly I haven’t gone anywhere.

You can always find me at my desk working on whatever client job I’ve got going on; whatever personal project or extra curricular activity I’m working on at my desk. So I’m not always active on social media or my blog but I am ALWAYS contactable.

Some of you who have browsed my website before may have noticed the slightly strange word on my websites main navigation. Dys-prax-ia. Dyspraxia. A slightly awkward word to say but one that represents something that has a profound effect on my daily life. It effects the way I think, the way I talk, the way I move. It affects my perception of just about everything around me but more than anything else it affects the way I organise my brain.

Now I always keep to my deadlines because over the years I’ve learned individual techniques to cope with my Dyspraxia but there are many many times that I look at my files, think upon the day ahead and I find myself not knowing where to start. Dyspraxics can find hard to prioritise tasks. Little jobs can find themselves long forgotten as new work comes in pushing other tasks out the way.

This is where I find tools like Evernote and Workflowy to be an absolute godsend.

With Workflowy I can see the potential to organise my chaotic brain into a list of tasks and reminders so that hopefully my brain won’t have to waste so much energy doing it for itself. Whether or not this can actually be achieved is another issue as I’m a creature of habit but the potential is there I’m looking forward to more “workflowing” in a moment or two.

I can do task reminders and prioritising in Evernote and I’ll continue to do that. But with Evernote everything is there in one place. Workflowy is quick, intuitive and it flows nicely indeed. It’s a fantastic tool for anybody to use and I highly recommend you check it out.

So I hope the biggest takeaways from this post will be, “fear not, I’m still here”, I’m continuing to beat Dyspraxia as it tries to beat me and you can improve your Workflow with Workflowy.