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Android and working with Theme Layouts

So  I think I know what’s been going on with Android since I started my journey earlier last month.   I started out learning as I always do with Treehouse. But Android Studio constantly evolves and has gone through many versions since the courses I’m currently taking were released. So, I’ve been working with different Android versions different from Treehouse and my version,  even though to their credit they provided the same versions of the studio they were using to teach.
I’ve been trying to work with RelativeLayouts for Android Preview. Now I can’t know this for sure (because I’ve restarted so many versions of this app to try and retrace my steps) but I have a feeling I’ve been working with a newer layout type called “Coordinator layout” in Android.  I got wind of this when I was trying to add some components in Android Preview that just wouldn’t place where I wanted them to go.  I had an edit text that would only place in one orange dashed area in the to right-hand side of the preview. With Relative Layout positioning, I had far more control over where components would go in the app.
So, for today at least, I’ve had my first complete, untroubled experience with developing on Android as a beginner.  Here’s hoping this continues.

A quick note about Android Development

One of my goals of 2017 is to learn Android Development through Treehouse.  And for a lot of reasons, it’s been difficult and dispiriting. It’s not about code though, more with the sillier aspects like Android Preview. I suffer constantly with rendering problems with Android preview, which leads me to poking around in XML manifest files and layout files which leads to a complete and irretrievable breakdown in my code.

Hmm. I AM going to get to the bottom of Android, but to do it, I’m going to have to start from the beginning! Which is fine by me 🙂

There some in the tech industry who are taking part in a social media drive to learn a little of code a day. That is to set aside 15 minutes of time a day to learning something (or in some cases just something new about coding. And for me that is Android. So yes, my #15minutechallenge is more of a larger goal. Android Development. I understand the basics but if I can get my head around these sillier things like rendering problems hopefully I will start making speedier progress.

like constant rendering problems in Android Preview that are stalling my progress. Slippery slope.