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My brain and keeping my motivation up

This morning I looked at my Chrome Browser extensions. I have plenty that I’ve installed over the years. Many of them are about as used as an old book collecting dust on my shelf.

Many of them I’ve downloaded because it was a recommended extension of a course I was following.

Tools like

  • React Developer Tools
  • JWT Analyser and Inspector
  • JSON Formatter
  • ng-inspector for Angular
  • Augury (linked to what particular language again?
  • Redux Dev Tools

Now that’s not to say that they haven’t been useful to me or they never will be useful again. I’m sure they’re perfectly good extensions. The point I’m trying to make is this:

I am out of practice with all of them.

It is just the same for all the languages and technologies out there.

That is not a problem unique to me, I am sure. But there is simply not enough time in my day to keep my skills sharp on everything and I have a brain that needs repetition to let complex tasks and instructions sink in.

So as you can imagine, that is the sort of environment I need to even have a hope of making my ideas a reality. Time, patience, repetition.

Last year I started learning Android Development properly, following on from learning the basics of Java a year or 2 earlier.

I had a few ideas in mind for apps I wanted to develop and I went into it with all the confidence and will in the world.

But it’s a tough journey for all of us to stick with it and when your brain is as neuro-diverse as mine, requiring all of your concentration, it is energy and motivation-sapping.

Several things have forced me to stall on that particular path. Losing time for constant Android Studio Updates due to a less than speedy internet connection and lacking the time to practice the concepts I’ve been taught.

Because I also need to keep up with JavaScript. I also want to keep up with Node.js for server-side scripting. I also want to keep up with my web design skills and keep those sharp. And I need to make money for my business as well. Those are just a few examples. I cannot do everything at once.

If I accept all of that, everything is fine and I keep learning at my own pace. But even that is tricky because I still yearn to be like everyone else, even though I can’t.

I don’t say all of this to put myself down or tell myself I’m any less worthy than anyone else. I just hope this short blog gives everyone a little window into the extra challenges I face every day as I chase my dreams in the world of tech.