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100 Days of Code: Day 2 Write-up

Today I started actually coding  stage of this project. In actuality  this stage was relatively straightforward but I will admit to feeling the blank canvas syndrome.  As it stands only 2 fields needed to be added.  […]

100 Days of Code: Day 1 Write-up

So, alright, we haven’t much started with coding yet so it is a little bit of a cop out for my first write up. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly each project needs time […]

100 Days of Code: introduction

Hello, welcome to my first post for my 100 Days of code effort. I’m hoping to keep this going for as long as I can and want to see it through although maybe not for 100 […]

My Workflow as a Dyspraxic Developer

As a Dyspraxic, my working life can be tremendously challenging.   I forget things easily., I struggle to prioritise tasks and generally lose my way in the hive of activity that is my brain. Which of course […]

Testing Crayon Syntax Highlighter

  Testing Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin with WordPress 4.8


Random JavaScript

Those “am I cut out for this?” moments

Am I cut out for this? Why am I even bothering? How can I prove to a client or an employer that I am capable of producing their brief if I’m not capable of doing the […]

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