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My Workflow as a Dyspraxic Developer

As a Dyspraxic, my working life can be tremendously challenging.   I forget things easily., I struggle to prioritise tasks and generally lose my way in the hive of activity that is my brain. Which of course […]

Testing Crayon Syntax Highlighter

  Testing Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin with WordPress 4.8


Random JavaScript

Those “am I cut out for this?” moments

Am I cut out for this? Why am I even bothering? How can I prove to a client or an employer that I am capable of producing their brief if I’m not capable of doing the […]

View my latest blogs on Medium

I’m trialing blog writing on medium for the time being.  If you like you can view my first blogs here, and here!  


Testing posting capabilities after new database credentials added!

Android and working with Theme Layouts

So  I think I know what’s been going on with Android since I started my journey earlier last month.   I started out learning as I always do with Treehouse. But Android Studio constantly evolves and […]

A quick note about Android Development

One of my goals of 2017 is to learn Android Development through Treehouse.  And for a lot of reasons, it’s been difficult and dispiriting. It’s not about code though, more with the sillier aspects like Android […]