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My brain and keeping my motivation up

This morning I looked at my Chrome Browser extensions. I have plenty that I’ve installed over the years. Many of them are about as used as an old book collecting dust on my shelf. Many of […]

100 Days of Code: Day 6 Write-up

Project 5 – Using forEach, iterate over the percentages and store all percentages over 50 percent in the array upperRange. We’ve reached Day 6.  I did try for “Day 6” being the Saturday just gone however […]

100 Days of Code: Day 5 Write-up

Whether I’ll have time to commit to 100 continues days of this challenge I’m not a sure. But I intend to complete the 100 days. So for the final day of the working week, I went […]

100 Days of Code: Day 4 Write-up

I went back to Android Development today and the biggest challenge for me, hooking up the ListView with and Android adapter.  For the longest time I didn’t think I was going to get much done, with […]

100 Days of Code: Day 3 Write-up

For day 3 of “100 days of code” challenge, I turned my attention to practicing forEach loops in JavaScript. All I’m doing today is running through some practice scenarios that use forEach methods.  I’ll do a couple […]

100 Days of Code: Day 2 Write-up

Today I started actually coding  stage of this project. In actuality  this stage was relatively straightforward but I will admit to feeling the blank canvas syndrome.  As it stands only 2 fields needed to be added.  […]

100 Days of Code: Day 1 Write-up

So, alright, we haven’t much started with coding yet so it is a little bit of a cop out for my first write up. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly each project needs time […]