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Android and working with Theme Layouts

So  I think I know what’s been going on with Android since I started my journey earlier last month.   I started out learning as I always do with Treehouse. But Android Studio constantly evolves and […]

A quick note about Android Development

One of my goals of 2017 is to learn Android Development through Treehouse.  And for a lot of reasons, it’s been difficult and dispiriting. It’s not about code though, more with the sillier aspects like Android […]

JDGM Update

My website is mobile friendly, and always has been. I’ve tested my website on every device I have and on the best online tools I know so I was able to verify this as the case. […]

Websites and interacting with databases.

So in recent weeks my learning attention has switched from Java to PHP. When I was doing my HNC (Higher National Certificate), a couple of years before I started my degree I was faced with a […]

New project: Object Oriented PHP

I uploaded a new project to my portfolio earlier today. This is a project I’ve been working on for a little while in my attempts to get to grips with Object Oriented Programming in PHP. I […]